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At La Française de la Traduction, we understand that technical translation requires in-depth knowledge in a specific field. That’s why we only work with translators with significant experience and expertise in their chosen sectors across a range of industries.

Our technical translators are experienced professionals with a mastery of industry-specific technical terminology. They are familiar with the standards and requirements specific to each sector, enabling them to provide accurate and reliable translations for your technical documents.

Experienced technical translators

Our team of technical translators have extensive experience in their respective sectors and are able to provide accurate and specialized translations for a variety of industrial documents.

Mastered technical terminology

We understand the importance of accuracy and consistency in technical translation. Our translators are specially trained to master the terminology specific to each industry sector.

Knowledge of standards and requirements

We are committed to respecting the standards and requirements of each sector. Our translators are up to date on current rules and regulations to ensure the accuracy of translated documents.

Main industries

Automotive industry

We translate user manuals, technical specifications, drawings, catalogs and other documents related to the automotive industry.


We translate schematics, drawings, engineering manuals, specifications, research reports and other technical documents for the engineering industry.

IT industry

We translate user manuals, installation guides, technical specifications, data sheets and other technical documents related to the IT industry.


We translate equipment manuals, inspection reports, technical specifications, contracts and other technical documents for the energy industry.

Medical industry

We translate instructions for use, clinical protocols, trial reports, case studies and other technical documents for the medical industry.

Luxury industry

Whether you need your designs, storyboards, menus or product descriptions translated, La Française de la Traduction takes care of all your content, whatever the language.


Technical translation focuses on specialized fields such as engineering, IT, etc., involving specific technical vocabulary. Unlike general translation, technical translation requires a thorough understanding
of the subject matter, as well as specialized knowledge in the field concerned. Our technical translators are qualified experts with practical experience in their respective fields, guaranteeing the accuracy and relevance of technical translations.

We accept all file types for our technical translation services. Whether Word documents, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, InDesign files, audio or video files, or even programming files such as XML or JSON, we are equipped to handle a wide range of technical file formats.

We have a team of qualified experts who can help your company set up an effective Translation Management System. We guide you in choosing the right system for your specific needs. We also help you configure the system, train your team in its use, and ensure seamless integration with your existing processes. A well-implemented TMS can significantly optimize and automate your translation workflow, saving you time and money.

We understand the importance of keeping your documents confidential. As a professional translation agency, we strictly adhere to confidentiality rules and we are committed to signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to ensure the protection of your sensitive information.

We use artificial intelligence (AI) in innovative ways to increase our productivity and guarantee high-quality technical translations. Our AI systems are capable of learning and assimilating industry-specific technical terminology, guaranteeing consistent terminological accuracy. Furthermore, we use AI tools to automate repetitive tasks, speeding up the translation process while maintaining quality and consistency.

Delivery times depend on the complexity of the project and the volume of work involved. We understand the importance of deadlines in the technical field and strive to meet the deadlines fixed with our customers. For urgent projects, we offer express translation services to meet your needs in a timely manner.

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