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Would you like to translate your marketing communication materials quickly and to a high standard? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Conquer new international markets with high-quality marketing translations

La Française de la Traduction offers you the best marketing translation services in over 50 languages. We provide quick and high quality translations of all your marketing materials such as brochures, press releases, marketing emails, video materials, websites and presentations. At La Française de la Traduction we help our customers attract international audiences with smooth, engaging translations that faithfully convey your brand message on a global scale.

At La Française de la Traduction, we have reliable and resilient language resources at our disposal thanks to our team of over 40 in-house translators. We have the most efficient processes in place to deliver linguistically fluid and culturally engaging marketing translations, so that your brand’s voice is clear, consistent and compelling in any language.

Multi-channel translation meets multi-channel marketing

Corporate marketing managers are increasingly adopting multichannel marketing to engage customers across all their communication channels to increase conversion rates and accelerate company growth on a global scale.

Traditional marketing translation services that rely on manual, static and slow processes to translate marketing content are no longer sufficient to meet today’s marketing localization needs.

La Française de la Traduction is an expert in multi-channel translation solutions for all content networks and devices, including web, app, email, social media, SMS, video, etc.

Translation for better international indexing

In today’s digital economy, companies need to produce marketing content promoting a consistent brand voice on an international scale, while ensuring that key words and turns of phrase rank well with major search engines in target languages. La Française de la traduction has developed a comprehensive range of best practices and translation solutions for digital marketing to improve search engine optimization.

Send us your content for an SEO translation quote and be amazed at how La Française de la traduction can help you increase your local sales in all your target languages.

Multi-channel translation
meets multi-channel marketing

You’ve invested a lot of time in developing your brand’s key messages and your marketing communications. The last thing you want is to work with an average translation company that will translate your brand messages into other languages with a quality that doesn’t match your message.

Poorly translated marketing content not only tarnishes your brand’s reputation, it also costs you business opportunities with your international customers.

La Française de la Traduction has a large team of experienced marketing translators and creative copywriters in all European, Asian and Latin American languages.

Our marketing translators use a process called trans-creation, a combination of translation and creative writing to achieve the best results in marketing translation.

Whether you need to translate your advertising campaigns, product sheets, digital marketing promotions, PR content or social marketing videos, the professional marketing translators at La Française de la Traduction can provide highly creative translations to accelerate your international expansion.

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