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French is one of the world’s most influential and romantic languages. It dates back to the time of Vulgar Latin, used by the Romance populations during the Middle Ages. Over the centuries, French has undergone multiple evolutions and influences, thanks in particular to figures such as François Villon, Molière and Victor Hugo, who have contributed to its literary richness.

Did you know that French has been the language of diplomacy for centuries? Many international treaties were drafted in French, and this practice continued well into the 20th century. Even today, French is one of the official languages of numerous international organizations such as the UN, UNESCO and the Red Cross.

Another interesting fact about French is the invention of the Académie française in 1635. This institution was created by Cardinal Richelieu to standardize the language and preserve its purity. Since then, the Académie Française has played a major role in promoting and protecting French, and regularly publishes its famous dictionary.

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