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Welcome to La Française de la Traduction, your trusted partner for all your subtitling and voice-over needs. We understand the importance of audiovisual translation for broadcasting your content in different languages, and we put not only our integrated studio but also a team of experts at your disposal to provide you with translations tailored to your needs.

Subtitling documentaries and reports

Subtitling documentaries

We translate and synchronize dialogues, interviews, narrations and additional information for your documentaries, preserving the artistic integrity and the message you want to convey.

Subtitling reports

We transcribe and translate dialogues, interviews, commentaries and contextual information from your reports, providing clear and concise subtitles for a better understanding of your content.

Subtitling corporate and institutional films as well as commercials

Subtitling institutional films

We translate and synchronize the dialogue and narrative elements of your institutional films, providing professional subtitles that reflect both the identity of your institution and the message you wish to convey.

Subtitling corporate films

We transcribe and translate dialogues, interviews, testimonials and background information for your corporate films, adapting the subtitles to your internal and external communication strategy.

Subtitling commercials

We create punchy, eye-catching subtitles for your commercials, ensuring that your key message is conveyed effectively, whatever the broadcast medium.


We offer subtitling for a variety of content, including videos, films, TV series, documentaries, conferences, interviews and much more. Whether for personal or professional needs, we’re here to make your content accessible to a wider audience.

Our subtitle translation process begins by transcribing the audio content. Our expert translators then translate the text into the target language. The translated subtitles are meticulously synchronized with the video to ensure a perfect match between audio and text. We ensure that the meaning and context of the original speech are kept in the translation.

Yes, we offer subtitling services specially designed for people who are visually impaired or hard of hearing. Our subtitles include audio descriptions for the persons who are visually impaired, describing important visual elements on screen. For the hard of hearing persons, we ensure that all important dialogue and sounds are clearly subtitled.

We offer subtitling and voice-over translation services in a wide range of languages from all over the world. Whether you need your subtitles translated into English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic or any other language, we have qualified native translators to meet your specific linguistic needs.

For our voice-over services, our professional voice talents record scripts in the target language with emotion and precision. We ensure that the voice matches the character or context of the original video. Once recorded, the audio file is synchronized with the video for a smooth, professional end result.

Yes, we have our own recording studio equipped with the latest audio technology. Our voice talents record scripts with exceptional sound quality, guaranteeing professional results for all your voice-over projects.

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